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10K Overall Results

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11276JUDAH ALEXANDER-MACIASM10K M 10-1400:48:20.3
21282JEFF BURROWSM10K M 45-4900:53:42.3
31295CODY SIMSM10K M 40-4400:58:09.9
41294JILL BURROWSF10K F 35-3900:59:58.1
51296BRET FANNINGM10K M 35-3901:04:56.8
61291OMAR GUZMANM10K M 30-3401:06:55.5
72279JOHN MCNUTTM10K M 30-3401:07:52.0
83277OBED MORALESM10K M 30-3401:10:32.4
91283MICHELE EISENLOHRF10K F 40-4401:10:36.3
102278RICHELLE CRISWELLF10K F 40-4401:15:13.7
112281ADRIANA REYESF10K F 35-3901:28:56.0
121292NIKKI GUZMANF10K F 30-3401:33:32.9
131285COURTNEY GALLAGHERF10K F 25-2901:34:47.2
142284SHAWN CRESSMANM10K M 35-3901:34:48.2
153290SHEA ROLLSF10K F 35-3901:39:50.6
16244KENNETH BETTSM10K M 45-4901:49:04.8
174289LEISA BEARDENF10K F 35-3902:08:58.1
183288GREG BEARDENM10K M 45-4902:08:59.8
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